DKK 363.50 (DKK 361.54 ved betaling med Dankort / VISA-Dankort)

THE CATASTROPHIC MEAL - What are we going to eat in 2067?

1. & 2. September 2017 - kl. 17.45-21.00 Tangkrogen, Aarhus C
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DKK 363.50 (DKK 361.54 ved betaling med Dankort / VISA-Dankort)

What are we going to eat, if the earth dries out or our world is going to be flooded?

Eight chefs from around the world, leading scientists, politicians, farmers and researchers will together try to find some of the answers. 26 April they will join forces at Vestjyllands Højskole in the western part of Jutland. 

Together they will create a gastronomic dystopis and utopia served on a plate, taste and discuss both future scenarios. The event is part of the celebrations accompanying the designation of Aarhus and region Mid-Jutland as 2017 European Capital of Culture and European Region of Gastronomy. 

The Catastrophic Meal aims to raise awareness about the unsustainability of our current food system, and to focus attention towards a gastronomy that remains socially and environmentally balanced. As guest, you will be inspired by the taste of the future as a result of the chef's interpretation of the future meal.

The concept and scenography of The Catastrophic Meal is develop by Jacob Vinkler from SMAG in Ebeltoft. At The People's Feast, Chef Mark Veber Bak Hansen from The Lazy Wombat will give his take on the utopian og dystopian meal of the future.

The menu is to be announced.
Min. two course dinner + welcome drink: 350,00 DKK excl. ticket fee