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FEED THE FUTURE - meals with knowledge

02.09.2017 kl. 17:45 Tangkrogen, Aarhus C
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DKK 180.00 Not including card fee

Prepare to get enlightened, challenged and have your stimach filled - all in one night.

Enjoy a sustainable meal based on local commodities cooked by the creative chefs at Spiselauget. And learn more about the future of eating.

Fascinating insights are brought to you by the scientists themselves, when they sit down with you during the meal.

You and your fellow listeners are in for a treat, as the scientists shed light on subjects as food, sustainability, climate and the globe. 

In the future, the world population will continue to grow as the resources of the planet decrease. But how do we make sense of it all, and how do we feed a growing population in the future? 

In Denmark we import products and food from all over the world, but would it be better to develop and support farming locally? And is waste separation and cooking without meat really the best way to go? 

Prepare to get enlightened, challenged and have your stomach filled - all in one night. 

Welcome drink.
Starter: Weed salad with fried insects and seaweed chips.
Main course: Gumbo with invasive crayfish and fried fish with aioli and herbs. 

Price pr. ticket: 170,00 DKK excl. ticket fee